5 Tips to a Spooky but Safe and Sober Halloween 2019

Halloween Fun in Recovery

Halloween is a spooky and special festivity for millions around the world. Often, it’s more than a night of costumes and mystery – it’s a celebration of mischief, binge drinking and drug use. Is the pressure of partying at Halloween a problem for you or a loved one in recovery? Just because you don’t drink or use drugs this Halloween doesn’t mean you can’t have just as much fun as everyone else. Halloween is a great excuse to dress up, indulge in those candy apples and enjoy a scary movie or adventure.

Whatever you do this Halloween, make sure you surround yourself with people who love and support your sobriety. You know when the fun stopped being so fun. This year, conjure up some new magical spells, create some new sweet treats, dress to impress your sober support network or create a spooky night that won’t leave you regretting it on Nov. 1st. 

Here are 5 Tips to Having a Happy and Awesome Sober Halloween:

  1. Hunt down the haunted houses! If you truly enjoy being scared, Halloween is the time to check out all of the haunted houses that crop up in your area around October. There are likely plenty of options, so research the scariest attractions or research notoriously scary places and create your own tour for you and your friends.
  2. Sober support is around the corner. Your local AA or NA chapter is probably hosting a Halloween get together- do a little research so you don’t miss out on the sober fun. Chances are, you’re not the only person feeling triggered by Halloween, so open up and talk about it.
  3. Host a scary movie marathon. Grab your favorite scary movies, a couple of supportive friends and set up camp on your couch for the night. Organizing your own get together gives you control over who will be there and exactly what food or drink will be served. When you’re able to control these factors, you’ll be able to maximize your sober fun on Halloween.
  4. Jack O’Lantern carving contest. Get a few friends together, grab some pumpkins and start creating your masterpiece. Once you’re done with carving, you and your friend can judge who carved the most spooktacular pumpkin. You can also roast the seeds from your pumpkins for a delicious snack later in the night.
  5. Keep It Simple! Nowhere is it written that you must take part in any and every holiday that comes up during the year, especially if it is a threat to your recovery for any reason. If it makes it easier, simply don’t celebrate Halloween this year. Stay home and watch a rom-com or an action adventure flick. Do whatever you want to stay sober and fulfil your own goals this holiday season.

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