Rehab for Men

Our national network of treatment centers offer a safe space for people of all genders to navigate addiction recovery.

Men Are Particularly Susceptible to Addiction

When it comes to seeking help for alcohol or drug addiction, men are typically less likely than women to pursue treatment, often because they mistakenly see it as a sign of weakness. Many men are reluctant to talk openly about their addiction in a group setting, or even in one-on-one sessions with a therapist.

At Niznik Behavioral Health, we have specialized rehab programs for men, where we work to break down those barriers. We help men open up and speak candidly about their addiction and feelings and embrace the therapies that support a successful and lasting recovery.

Men are disproportionately affected by substance abuse disorders, studies show, and they often feel more anxiety about dealing with their addiction. Our men’s rehab programs help you learn to become a better communicator and speak freely about your feelings, which aids your recovery and helps prevent relapse.

Men and women all have different circumstances, challenges, and emotional issues that can affect their addiction treatment process. We do not believe that a single approach is best for everyone, and we understand that men may have different concerns and needs during rehab.

We take these factors into consideration and offer specialized programs for men’s addiction treatment. This approach creates the greatest chance that you can overcome your addiction and make a full recovery. All the services in these programs are tailored specifically for men, including:

We also stress the importance of men engaging in other activities in times of stress, such as picking up a sport or hobby that interests you. Combined with medical and clinical treatments, our specialized programs for men provide the guidance you need for a successful recovery.

Signs of Male Alcohol Abuse

Addressing alcohol use disorders early on decreases the chance of incurring permanent brain or physical damage. If you see these symptoms of male alcohol abuse, you should act quickly to find a specialized alcohol treatment program:

  • Heavy use of alcohol for stress relief
  • Attempting to reduce drinking but cannot
  • Irritability without a drink
  • Drinking more than five nights a week
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Chronic mood swings
  • Engaging in reckless behavior while drunk (DUI)
  • Going to social gatherings only when alcohol is available
  • Drinking alone
  • Lying about how many drinks you’ve had
  • Hiding alcohol

Get Help for Alcoholism

Physically, men have the ability to consume more alcohol than women and are more likely to overestimate the amount of alcohol they may consume safely. With prolonged drinking, men’s tolerance increases considerably and requires them to consume larger quantities of alcohol to feel the effects.

Men often downplay the signs of alcohol abuse and disregard the symptoms of alcoholism. Because they’re less likely to open up about their feelings, mood disorders such as anxiety or depression often lead to alcohol addiction in men. And when men do not receive treatment for the underlying causes of addiction, alcohol use disorders can become more mentally and physically devastating.

In an effort to be “strong” and avoid feelings of weakness, men often avoid treatment for substance abuse. In the long run, however, this mentality often hurts the family, friends, and loved ones men think they can protect by refusing to acknowledge their addiction.

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