Addiction Treatment Guarantee

We have helped thousands of individuals on their journey to achieving lifelong sobriety, and we’re confident that we can help you too. We believe so strongly in our program that we are proud to offer this treatment guarantee:

Our 60 Plus 60 Guarantee

After completing 60 days of treatment at any of our nationwide facilities, if you relapse you are guaranteed an additional 60 days of treatment at no cost in our Relapse Response Treatment Program.

This is our commitment to you, because we’re fully invested in your ongoing success. We understand how important support during recovery is, especially during the first year of sober life. That’s why we offer the treatment guarantee, extensive aftercare planning services, and lifelong alumni support to ensure all clients continue to grow and thrive beyond treatment completion. See terms and conditions.

How It Works

Qualifying alumni who require help getting back on track with recovery should reach out to our admissions team as soon as possible. Once your qualification is verified, we will arrange for your admission into our Relapse Response Treatment Program. Available across our nationwide network of facilities, this program offers the same level of personalized, client-focused care with an emphasis on lifelong recovery. We take the time to unravel the root causes behind your relapse and strengthen your commitment to lasting sobriety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Facility Will I Attend?

Niznik Behavioral Health will try to accommodate you at the facility at which you completed your initial treatment. Should we be unable to do so, we will make arrangements for care at another location within our network. Clients within our Relapse Response Treatment Program may be required to travel out-of-state for care.

What Happens if I Leave Early?

If admitted for treatment under the treatment guarantee, any departure from the program prior to the completion of the entire 60 treatment days will result in the forfeiture of any remaining balance of days.  

Will I Have to Pay for Travel?

Clients are responsible for any and all travel expenses to and from the treatment facility, including flights, car rentals, bus or train tickets, etc. However, Niznik Behavioral Health can arrange complimentary transportation from the airport, bus, or train terminal to the facility. 

What Is Covered?

The Treatment Guarantee covers the cost of your stay at the facility only. Additional charges, such as external medical care, medications, and lab work will be your responsibility.

Is It Transferable?

The Treatment Guarantee offer is non-transferrable, may only be used once, and the 60 treatment days must be completed consecutively.

How Do I Apply?

In order to apply for our Relapse Response Treatment Program, please contact our admissions team at(888) 699-1409.

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