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Our national network of addiction treatment centers offer a safe space for people of all genders to navigate their recovery journey.

Dangers of Alcoholism in Women

Women have particular complications when dealing with alcohol use during pregnancy. In fact, drinking too much may actually affect your ability to become pregnant. Drinking can lead to infertility for both men and women – but drinking specifically makes women less fertile. Ovulation may be adversely affected or stop entirely without alcohol addiction treatment.

Drinking may also cause early menopause in women. In fact, women who drink excessively tend to age faster, and this can be reflected in their physical appearance.

If you are attempting to get pregnant, you should avoid drinking alcohol completely. The delicate reproductive hormones which control fertility are directly impacted by alcohol, and miscarriage is often common among women who drink.

Additionally, if you drink while pregnant, neonatal abstinence syndrome could occur; this means your child could experience withdrawal symptoms and may develop life-altering conditions as a result of exposure to alcohol in the womb.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse in Women

Studies show that substance abuse affects women differently than men. Women may experience more physical and mental effects from using drugs and alcohol; they can become addicted while using smaller amounts over less time, and they may have more cravings and be more likely to relapse after treatment;

The main difference between the signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence in men and women is in the recommended consumption guidelines, which are based on absorption rates and the ability to process alcohol. Look for the following signs of female alcoholism:

  • Having more than three drinks daily
  • Being reliant on alcohol for relaxation and stress relief
  • Avoiding social events that don’t have access to alcohol
  • Drinking excessively despite having work or other responsibilities the next day
  • Drinking in socially unacceptable circumstances (child care, DUI)
  • Drinking to reduce anxiety or depression
  • Failing in attempts to stop drinking
  • Sleeping excessively after drinking
  • Drinking early in the morning
  • Hiding how much you drink
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking

Getting the Help You Need

At Niznik Behavioral Health, we understand that women seeking help for substance abuse may be uncomfortable addressing their addiction in a setting that also includes male clients. We offer women-only recovery programs at our nationwide network of rehab centers, providing you with a safe haven where you can confront your issues without feeling pressured by the opposite sex.

These exclusive recovery programs are led by specially trained staff experienced in helping women overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. Benefits of the program include:

We provide a secure environment that allows you to comfortably work your way through recovery and participate in therapy sessions without feeling awkward or uncomfortable being around male clients. Our addiction treatment program for women provides you with a relaxed setting where you can feel free to discuss your addiction openly.

Additionally, the staff at our women-only addiction treatment program understands the unique requirements of women in rehab. They can help you work through your struggles when it comes to facing and overcoming addiction. This allows for better-individualized care and ensures the safety, health, and well-being of your body as you focus on eliminating toxins and substances in a safe, comfortable setting.

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