Anger Management

Learning to process and express uncomfortable emotions in a healthy, productive way is integral to improving quality of life.

What Is Anger Management?

Anger management issues can be tough to overcome under any circumstances. When they’re combined with substance abuse, however, the challenge becomes even greater as one problem feeds the other in an unhealthy cycle. At Niznik Behavioral Health rehab centers, we recognize the importance of treating these co-occurring disorders together.

For some people, anger can lead to addiction. Your anger may become so overpowering that you turn to drugs or alcohol to ease the intensity of your feelings. Or your anger may cause issues with your family or at your job, and the stress caused by those problems may lead you to abuse drugs and alcohol as a way of coping.

For others, addiction can cause anger issues. Certain drugs can trigger violent behavior, or your substance abuse problem may cause you to feel angry at yourself because you’re unable to stop your harmful behavior. In some cases, the negative impact of addiction on your life – loss of job, legal issues, and other problems – can leave you feeling angry at the world.

Whatever the cause of your anger, the first step is to recognize that it is a serious issue that must be addressed if you hope to successfully recover from your addiction to drugs and alcohol.  At Niznik Behavioral Health’s nationwide network of rehab centers, we are well equipped to treat your anger along with your addiction and put you in the best position to achieve lasting sobriety.

Finding the Right Anger Management Plan for You

One of the keys to overcoming anger management issues is to find an outlet that helps you cope with those powerful negative feelings. Some people find that meditation or mindfulness works for them. Focusing on the moment ­– not on the problems of the past or the challenges of the future – can help you relax and let go of your anger. Others find a release in physical exercise or artistic expression.

Just as your addiction recovery requires a personalized plan, your anger issues must also be addressed with treatment that is tailored for your specific issues and needs. At Niznik Behavioral Health, our counselors and therapists will help you find what approach is right for you.

We provide the support you need to help you keep your anger in check and not let it influence you to use drugs and alcohol. Our clinicians and therapists can incorporate anger management into your recovery plan to ensure you have the best chance of a successful recovery from your addiction.

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