Debunking 10 Myths About Detox

Making the decision to enter treatment in and of itself is a courageous task. Couple that with some of the myths and misconceptions going around in the detox industry and it can leave you feeling a bit apprehensive. Here are some common myths you may have heard and the truth behind them.

#1 “I don’t need detox”

If you are asking yourself whether or not you need to enter a detox program, you may have identified some habits that you associate with an addiction. If you cannot sleep without drinking or get your day going without using, you are very well showing signs of substance abuse. Making the decision to quit on your own is a dangerous task and should only be done under the supervision of a medical professional.

#2 “I don’t need treatment, only detox”

Treatment allows you the opportunity to understand the root cause of your addiction(s). No matter the reason for starting, working with addiction recovery specialists will help you to create new, healthy habits to replace the old ones.

#3 “They just want my money”

There is stigma circulating the detox and rehab industry concerning the successful treatment of addiction. While we cannot speak on the behalf of all of the other facilities currently in business, you can be rest assured that Niznik Behavioral Health  strives to create the best experience for all of our clients. Our treatment programs are evidence-based and developed to ensure the best possible chance to stay sober.

#4 “I’m on my own once I leave”

Once you leave a treatment facility, you will be given the tools to continue your sober life by an aftercare specialist. This person is solely focused on making sure that you are matched with all of the resources necessary including but not limited to housing, employment, and meetings in your area. The aftercare process is designed to empower clients with the knowledge and coping mechanisms to maintain sobriety long term. Clients work one on one with the aftercare specialist to create an individualized plan for your continued care.

#5 “I’ll lose my freedom if I enter detox”

While there are rules and regulations you must adhere to while in treatment, you are still allowed to enjoy many of the same comforts you would expect. Niznik Behavioral Health facilities are enclosed for the safety and privacy of the residents, but common areas, games, and entertainment are typically provided for your enjoyment.

#6 “All I need is detox”

The main objective of entering detox treatment is to sever the physical bonds of substance dependence.. Once you have successfully completed this stage, you should strongly consider entering a treatment program to help you begin your journey to sobriety. While in treatment, you will work with behavioral health professionals to aid you in building a solid foundation for life after addiction.

#7 “People will judge me”

Your time in detox is a private experience but you will not be the only one. All of the people you will encounter while in detox are dealing with many of the same issues as you. Through opening up to your peers and professionals, you will come to learn about how similar your stories may be, even with employees that are in recovery themselves. By connecting with others outside of treatment, you can reach out to someone you know you can trust to help you through tough times you may encounter.

#8 “I won’t be able to find a job once I leave”

Before you leave one of our facilities, you will speak with an aftercare specialist who is trained in connecting you with the necessary resources to get you back out there in the world. While at our facilities, you have the ability to job hunt while taking the time to improve your resume to give you a greater chance at landing the right job for you.

#9 “I can’t leave my hometown”

Part of the recovery process is leaving behind old habits and places that may have triggered you to start using in the first place. By allowing yourself to heal in an environment that is free of any triggering distractions, you give yourself the best chance possible to maintain sobriety after you leave detox.

#10 “No one understands what I am feeling”

Believe it or not, clients are not the only ones who have experience with addiction. After completing their treatment for substance abuse, many people make the decision to give back to the recovery community by working to help others do the same through our facilities. You can connect with people who are farther along in their recovery journey and learn firsthand what life is like in and out of treatment.

Your detox experience does not have to be a mystery. Whether you have already made the decision to enter a facility or are still on the fence, you can be sure that you are receiving the best care possible to ensure a lifetime of sobriety.


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