Co-Occurring Mental Health Conditions

Substance abuse is almost never the sole issue. By taking the time to find the root causes of drug and alcohol abuse, we empower our clients for lasting sobriety.

Treatment for Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders

The treatment of co-occurring disorders – substance abuse and mental health issues that often go hand-in-hand – is an essential component of any quality addiction treatment program. At Niznik Behavioral Health recovery centers, we understand that a dual diagnosis treatment plan is the best way to ensure your successful and lasting recovery.

It is common for depression, anxiety, PTSD or other mental health struggles to accompany drug and alcohol addiction. You may have started drinking or using drugs to self-medicate, not even realizing that you had an underlying disorder or needed treatment. Once you know, it becomes clear that you need to deal with the two issues simultaneously.

At our national network of rehab centers in California, Colorado, Florida, and Texas, our team of recovery specialists use evidence-based treatment methods throughout the full continuum of care to provide you with comprehensive, effective treatment for any and all issues that impact your addiction.

Cycle of Addiction and Mental Health Disorders

Overcoming drug or alcohol addiction is never an easy process. And if you suffer from a mental health disorder, the challenge can be even more difficult.

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, people struggling with mental health disorders make up about half of all those with substance abuse issues. The two are closely intertwined and connected:

  • Mental health disorders increase the likelihood of addiction and may also present additional challenges during the recovery process.
  • Substance abuse creates an unhealthy cycle of self-medicating to make up for the symptoms of these illnesses.

By using drugs and alcohol to treat your mental health issues, you create a physical and mental dependence that must be addressed concurrently for the best chances of a successful, long-term recovery.

Treatment Catered to Your Individual Needs

At Niznik Behavioral Health centers, we understand the importance of treating co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders simultaneously. If you go through rehabilitation with untreated mental illnesses, you are much more likely to relapse after completing your rehab program.

Our facilities offer client-centered care at every level of the recovery process with an emphasis on your comfort and long-term success. Our goal is for you to recover and remain sober well after the inpatient process is finished.

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