Couples Rehabilitation

Treatment options for couples allows you to support each other through the recovery process and beyond.

What Is Couples Rehab?

Drug and alcohol addiction negatively impacts one’s ability to maintain healthy relationships. Often, both partners within a romantic relationship possess an untreated drug or alcohol use disorder. Without swift treatment of the underlying problems encouraging substance abuse within your relationship, permanent physical and psychological damage can occur.

The bottom line is:

Addiction impacts the entire family. Divorce rates are significant among couples experiencing alcohol addiction

Couples forgoing addiction treatment often separate, due to the mental, physical, and financial strain of untreated substance abuse.

Professional addiction treatment for couples focuses on the individual first for lifetime success.

Enroll to save your relationship before it’s too late.

Relationship & Addiction Statistics

Correct Icon Couples who disagree about drug and alcohol use within the relationship report higher rates of dissatisfaction and separation.

Correct Icon Substance abuse enraptures both parties, leading to the development of severe drug and alcohol use disorders without treatment.

Correct Icon Couples experiencing addiction report higher rates of trust issues, co-dependency, and abuse.

Correct Icon Romantic relationships on the ropes are more likely to improve after professional treatment.

Why Couples Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

There are many reasons addiction runs rampant in romantic relationships. In many cases, people who abuse addictive substances socialize in environments where drug and alcohol use is normalized.

Once a romantic connection is established, both parties typically continue to use their substance of choice, together. This establishes a pattern of active abuse, likely increasing as the relationship progresses and tolerance is developed from use.

In some instances, only one party of the relationship uses substances to excess. Substance abuse may originate from unresolved trauma, mental distress, and untreated mental health conditions. However, without treatment, couples tend to fall into enabling and caretaker roles.

Relationship problems may promote increased substance use. Those experiencing foundational issues compounded by addiction may promote domestic and verbal abuse.

Without help from an accredited addiction center, your relationship is in danger of failing. More importantly, the longer one goes without treatment, the more dangerous substance use disorders become.

Our treatment programs are built for individual treatment for couples, incorporating couples counseling into therapy.

Unique Obstacles Couples Must Overcome to Recover

One of the most difficult hurdles of getting couples in treatment for addiction is codependency. In many instances, couples are unable to recognize they have a problem, despite negative consequences to everyday functioning.

With prolonged abuse, couples learn to enable their partners and make excuses for unacceptable behavior.

Thankfully, it’s never too late to get treatment!

Our programs focus on treating both individuals separately to strengthen personal resolve in the pursuit of sobriety. Couples who do not focus on improving themselves outside of the sphere of their relationship relapse and fall into old patterns.

Niznik Behavioral Health offers both individuals continual support, medical care, and psychiatric treatment for recovery. During rehab, clients uncover the underlying causes of addiction and identify how they are negatively impacting relationships with loved ones.

Although couples enroll together and receive individualized treatment, our program includes couples therapy.

Why Treatment for Couples Varies from Other Treatment Populations

Couples seeking professional help for drug and alcohol abuse must remain aligned with sobriety goals for the relationship to flourish positively. Each party can only control their own actions, which may cause strife in the event one strays from remaining sober.

  • Disagreements creating stressful atmospheres post-recovery
  • One party fails to keep up with treatment regimens
  • Coming to terms with the relationship must end to achieve sobriety
  • Understanding each person is going to respond to rehab differently
  • Putting personal priorities before the relationship

Couples committing to sobriety make a promise to themselves and their partner. Becoming a beneficial influence within your relationship requires open and honest communication about your personal needs and struggles.

Sometimes relationships become rocky when priorities shift from sobriety back to everyday living. That’s why our evidence-based treatment programs focus on the individual, promoting independence and resiliency.

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