5 Things Every Person in Recovery Should Remember

Addiction recovery is a life-long journey of self-discovery and growth not everyone gets a chance to experience. Everything you accomplish along that journey is worthy of being remembered and celebrated. As you continue to dedicate each day to making better decisions for yourself and your future, keep these 5 things in mind:

1. Remember your goals. Having goals beyond recovery is key to help maintain your sobriety in the long run. Set goals that are personal to you and that benefit your future. Things like going back to school or getting a job are great places to start, but don’t limit yourself to these. Set short-term and long-term goals and work toward them as part of your continued recovery. Do something each day that will bring you closer to achieving your goals. This commitment keeps your focus on self-improvement and continued growth, preventing stagnation and the threats of relapse that come with it.

2. Recognize how much you have accomplished in your journey. Don’t allow self-doubt or moments of vulnerability hold you back from living a healthy and fulfilling life. All that you’ve faced up to this point has molded you to be the strong, determined person you are today. Continue to fight through the challenges you face knowing they are helping you to become an even better person than you already are. If you are experiencing negative thoughts and urges, don’t be afraid to speak to someone about it. By opening up to people and seeking help, you can navigate those thoughts and feelings without falling back on old, harmful habits.

3. Realize how much more you can recover as you continue your recovery journey. Once upon a time you didn’t believe recovery was possible for you, yet here you are, proving yourself wrong. That only goes to prove that the only limitation on what you can achieve is how high you are willing to aim. Recognizing the doors sober life has opened for you makes you realize why you never want to go back to a life of active substance abuse. Rather than needing to escape through drugs and alcohol, sobriety shows you that it’s possible to rebuild your life into something you don’t need to run away from. Remember: your worst days sober are still so much better than your best days under the influence.

4. Surround yourself with support.Achieving sobriety is just the beginning of your journey; long-term recovery is all about maintaining your commitment to a clean and sober lifestyle. If there is someone in your life that you feel is holding you back or interfering with your sobriety, it may be time to remove them from your life. Keeping toxic or troublesome people in your life only opens doors to relapse and undue strife. By removing this person from your life, you are putting yourself and your recovery first. Although it may be difficult, remember that you have to act in your own self-interest. No one can do it for you.

5. Make positive, healthy changes in your life. Recovery is a total transformation of the mind, body, and soul, so being active and making healthy eating choices as part of your journey enriches the experience. You can participate in activities such as meditation and yoga that allow you to balance your way of thinking. Activities such as running can help you to relieve the stress you may be feeling in your recovery.

These are a few of many different tips to help you maintain your sobriety. Continue to strive toward a sober lifestyle by making changes in your life that will ultimately benefit you. By doing this, you will continue living a sober life.


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