5 Reasons to Get Sober in 2019

Anyone who has ever struggled with substance abuse knows how difficult it can be to remain sober. Positive support and expert guidance are necessary to successfully conquer drug addiction. In the most recent Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), it was estimated that almost nine percent of Americans needed help with substance abuse but less than one percent went to a facility that specializes in its treatment. The following benefits of recovery can help you motivate to confront the specter of substance abuse.

Improved Relationships

There are many reasons relationships suffer due to substance abuse. Maybe your family is frustrated with helping someone who does not seem to want to help themselves or your friends no longer want to be ignored. Whatever the case, being sober will help you rebuild those damaged relationships. You will actually be able to be present with other people rather than living in a drug-induced fog. Additionally, you will be able to better meet your responsibilities and become someone who can be relied upon. A healthy relationship cannot be one-sided. It depends upon the reciprocation of feelings and needs. Ridding yourself of substance abuse will help you become a person that people want to be around and provide the positive support you need.

Improved Physical Health

Drugs present a variety of health complications. For example, long-term opiate use can weaken the immune system and cause chronic nausea and vomiting, not to mention the risk of fatal overdose. Furthermore, people tend not to eat healthily when using drugs and alcohol, further compromising their physical well-being.

Financial Stability

It is no secret that using drugs costs a tremendous amount of time and money. Basic necessities, such as housing and food, are often neglected to pay for an addiction. Moreover, holding a job is often difficult when struggling with substance abuse. Time spent on using drugs could better be spent working or meeting daily responsibilities. Sobriety will allow you to focus on becoming a responsible employee and reverse the pattern of wasteful spending. Successfully confronting substance abuse can put you on the path toward financial security.

Increased Self-Image

Self-exploration is key to the recovery process. Understanding your triggers and how to cope with potential risk factors are essential to sobriety. Once you gain insight into yourself—and have command over your behavior—you will be able to set goals and plan for your future. Shame is a constant companion of those suffering from substance abuse. Staying sober will help you replace shame with pride in your strength and abilities.

You Can Have Fun

When you use drugs, your idea of a good time revolves around being high. Sobriety allows you to explore what the world has to offer and develop other interests. You are finally free to have fun on your own terms.

If you, or someone you know, want to begin the process of achieving sobriety, please contact us. With support and guidance, we can help you reach your goal of living a truly satisfying life.


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