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The Issues of Behavioral Health in Today’s Society

The increasing number of behavioral health patients and the shortage of providers are creating gaps in accessing care. Offering evidence-based and quality behavioral healthcare can be difficult in today’s society.

  • 23% of Emergency Department visits with $7.8 million annual hospital costs
  • 63% of employees reported workplace stress with $225.8B annual loss due to behavioral health issues
  • On average, only 1 out of 4 children in need of behavioral health care get the help

Increasing demand for behavioral health services is having a significant impact on today's youth, workforce and organizations.

How Companies Can Benefit from Telehealth

Latest coverage on 3 key benefits companies are seeing from Telehealth

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Telehealth Provides Instant
Access to Behavioral Health Specialists

Behavioral health clients in a hospital or healthcare facility are costly to both the facility and client. Usually combined with the lack of specialists, clients experience delays in placement at the right facility and often times do not receive the best care options.

  • Save Time in Finding a Resource

    By decreasing the time you spend on finding an appropriate resource for your patient or client, you can focus more on your other clients. Let our behavioral health specialists assess and help.

  • Reduce Unnecessary Admissions and Transfers

    Telehealth helps to avoid admitting or transferring clients to a healthcare facility by connecting to behavioral health specialists to determine the best treatment plan.

  • Increase Access to Affordable Care

    By delivering care in an outpatient virtual setting, the cost savings are passed to the client. Most major insurances are also accepted with little to no cost for the client.

Niznik Behavioral Health's Evidence-Based Telehealth

NBH is a behavioral healthcare-first company that has been delivering Joint Commission accredited high-quality behavioral healthcare services to over 8,000 clients across all levels of care from inpatient to outpatient. Now with the addition of new virtual technology, NBH is giving access to its licensed medical doctors and therapists remotely nationwide.

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Evidence-Based Treatment Modalities

Who We Work With

Emergency Departments

Behavioral health admissions in an Emergency Department are costly and staff usually lack behavioral health specialists. We work with Charge Nurses and ED Doctors to give them instant access to a behavioral health specialist through our Telehealth platform to assess and discharge. Avoid unnecessary admissions, reduce transfers and increase throughput of other patients!

Case Management Departments

Case Managers and Discharge Coordinators at Hospitals are typically understaffed and overworked. We also work with these individuals to connect instantly with a behavioral health specialist to assess and establish a treatment plan for referral to a support facility. Gain back your time and have a moment to yourself!

Emergency Departments
Private Practice

We work with therapists and substance abuse counselors in private practice who are in need of psychiatric services for their clients. We provide virtual same-day access to a board certified Psychiatrist who specializes in addiction medicine  that can work in tandem with your treatment plan. This helps increase attendance rate and decrease relapse across your practice with a good medication management plan that complements the psychotherapy sessions. Differentiate your practice by partnering with our Telepsychiatry services!

Private Practice

We work with Psychiatrists and Nurse Practioners who are in need of behavioral health services for their patients. We provide virtual same-day access to a behavioral health licensed Therapist that can provide the psychotherapy sessions as needed. This helps reduce medication abuse across your practice with the right balance of psychotherapy sessions, delivering a true holistic treatment plan. Differentiate and elevate your practice by partnering with our Telehealth behavioral health services today!

Treatment Centers

Case Managers and Discharge Coordinators at behavioral health and mental health treatment centers wear many hats including the coordination of client aftercare. With the vast amount of locations to coordinate aftercare in, we help by providing aftercare services such as ongoing individual and group counseling through our Telehealth platform.  We also help with finding and coordinating external support facilities by connecting instantly with our behavioral health specialists. Make last-minute aftercare planning with google a thing of the past with our Telehealth services and earn back some free time! Want to be added as a local support facility? Request a call with an Outreach Specialist today. 

Treatment Centers

Our Virtual Behavioral Health Counselor program provides students, parents, guidance counselors and school social workers same-day access to a behavioral health licensed therapist with a variety of options from individual to family sessions as well as comprehensive long-term solutions. Parents and counselors can confidentially use email-to-chat or text-to-chat features to speak to a therapist. Our Virtual Counselor program helps increase student and child adoption of therapy. Keep your child or student healthy, present in class and earning better grades by staying out of the Dean’s office with this program!


Our Virtual EAP program has been crafted to provide employees convenient and flexible same-day access to a behavioral health licensed therapist. Employees can confidentially use email-to-chat or text-to-chat features to send inquiries to speak to a therapist. Our Virtual EAP program helps increase utilization of therapy as it’s quick, easy and confidential. Keep your workforce healthy, engaged and productive while reducing inquires to Human Resources with this solution!


See what people have to say about their experience


"By far, this is the best treatment program I've ever been through. Filled with passionate staff, awesome director by taking care of our needs as human beings. Small, individualized treatment and rehabilitation. Can't wait for what each day brings, challenging yet rewarding. Thanks to these guys I strive to remain drug free."


"After attending numerous outpatient centers, it was a struggle to find a program where I could connect with the therapist and effectively work towards recovery. They understood the importance of setting me up for success beyond treatment and I'm forever grateful."

Loved One of Alumnus

"When I needed to get my brother help for his drinking they were able to act quickly and get him in the very next day. It's been 3 months since he left the program and I have my old brother back."


"My experience was fantastic. I truly felt that everyone genuinely cared to see me get better and I truly feel that I have...For anyone who has concerns as I had of being overly supervised I can assure you that this is the perfect balance...The plans vary from 21-90 days and everyday makes a difference."

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