Help for Teens

Early intervention for teen substance abuse can provide the support and guidance they need for a brighter future.

Help for Addicted Teens

Addiction changes the brain, hence why substance use disorders (SUDs) are legitimate diseases. Left untreated, permanent physical and psychological changes occur in the body and mind.

Chemical imbalances and deficiencies caused by substance abuse during adolescence set the stage for one’s quality of life and habits during adulthood. To break the cycle, treating addiction immediately is critical.

Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to developing substance use disorders. That’s where you come in. Learn everything you need to know about teen drug and alcohol addiction and get help fast.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Statistics

Correct Icon Children with a hereditary predisposition to addiction are more at-risk

Correct Icon Addressing substance abuse early on in adolescence is critical to recovery

Correct Icon Three in five high school students admit to indulging in one alcoholic beverage

Correct Icon Early use of alcohol increases one’s chance of abusing other addictive
substances, engaging in sex with six or more partners and earning Ds and Fs in school

Correct Icon In 2007 19.9 million American students aged 12+ admitted to currently using an illicit substance

Correct Icon Males between the ages of 12-20 are more likely to binge drink

Adolescents Are Vulnerable to Developmental Abnormalities

Whether for recreation, curiosity’s sake, or self-medication, drug, and alcohol abuse impact the developing brain. Teens engaging with addictive substances are more likely to cognitively under-develop.

Without intervention, teens experience short-term growth problems within the brain, adverse impact on neurotransmitters, difficulty feeling joy without drugs, and experience depleted memory retention.

Continued use of drugs and alcohol impede learning potential, program unhealthy coping skills into everyday living, and inhibit perceptual abilities. Teens with substance use disorders experience further difficulty with the law, unplanned pregnancy, STDs, and delay continuing education and career development.

Don’t wait until all the signs are there. Do something now.

Chronic Substance Use Disorders Can Begin in Adolescence

Niznik Behavioral Health provides the full continuum of care for drug and alcohol addiction in teens. Our programs are evidence-based, meaning they’re proven to work. We create individualized treatment plans for recovery because we understand each individual is different.

Treatment consists of one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and experiential therapy. We rehabilitate both body and mind, encouraging lasting sobriety with strong foundations in psychoeducation and positive coping skills. We treat co-occurring mental health disorders in tandem, addressing all facets of addiction.

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