By offering alcohol intervention and drug intervention support, our treatment centers give you the tools to address your loved ones and their addictive behavior.

What’s the Purpose of an Intervention?

Substance abuse interventions are designed to help the family and friends of someone who is addicted convince their loved one that they need professional help. Often, they describe the destruction the addictive behavior has caused. 

Some families and friends prefer to handle the intervention on their own, while others find it beneficial to employ the services of a professional interventionist. Niznik Behavioral Health treatment centers can offer advice and support to help your intervention experience be as fruitful as possible.

Tips for a Substance Abuse Intervention

Before you stage an intervention on your loved one, there are a number of preparations you need to make. If you’re not fully educated on how to execute an intervention, it could backfire. 

Maintain a compassionate, loving tone — even if you’re angry or hurt. After all, this isn’t just an opportunity to share your feelings. It’s all about convincing your loved one to get help. 

It may be helpful to speak with your loved one privately, rather than in a group. Too many people at once can be overwhelming, and risks pushing the person away. It’s okay to share your concerns about the person’s behavior, and let them know you’d like to share your feelings about it. 

Make it a point to use “I” language, i.e., “I feel.” This removes any sense of accusation or blame and allows you to own your feelings. Remember that you and your addicted loved one aren’t enemies. In fact, you’re very much on the same side.

What Can I Expect from an Intervention?

Most individuals in active addiction are in denial about the severity of their addiction, and its effects on their family members. Others are afraid of agreeing to drug rehab because they’ve heard detox is painful. Of course, all of our addiction recovery centers provide inpatient medical detox minimizing the unpleasant effects of withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

How Niznik Behavioral Health Can Help

These are just a few suggestions to initiate a successful intervention. Our trained behavioral health professionals are here to support you in facilitating these difficult conversations — and convincing your loved one that an addiction treatment program can be the beginning of a fulfilling new life.

Aftercare planning assistance includes:

Recovery communities help you stay sober with like-minded residents and case manager support.

Continued exposure to experiential therapies for a holistic approach to mental health.

We’ll connect you with aftercare service providers anywhere you are in the United States post treatment.

Attend our robust relapse prevention programs to stay on track for a healthy, sober future.

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