What’s the Difference Between Private and Free Rehab?

If you or a loved one are experiencing drug or alcohol addiction, choosing between private and free rehabilitation is your first step towards sobriety.

What Is Private Rehab?

Private rehabilitation centers are owned and operated by an individual. In order to legally open their doors, the rehabilitation center must adhere to both federal and state guidelines on the proper management of a treatment facility. These protocols inform everything from daily operations, treatment practices, HIPPA, client safety, and facility maintenance.

Rehabilitation centers owned by individuals receive their funding independently of state-assistance. Typically, private treatment centers have more available space than their state-funded counterparts, meaning treatment can begin faster. All Niznik Behavioral Health treatment centers are privately owned, offer the full spectrum of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, and provide evidence-based therapies for lasting sobriety.

Privately owned rehab centers vary in the insurance coverages they accept (here’s who we accept). Tuition may be partially or entirely covered, depending on your insurance plan. In some cases, tuition is paid out of pocket. Here’s how we can help.

Each facility varies. It is imperative to research each center thoroughly before making a final decision. Quality and levels of care differ between rehab facilities, despite certifications and adherence to operating laws. Consider not only the qualifications of psychiatrists, medical staff, and psychotherapists, but the environment and overall feel of the rehab facility in question. Remember to check reviews, reach out to alumni, and request a tour to get a fuller picture of the facility in question.

What Is Free Rehab?

Each state receives medical funding, sometimes extending to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. State-funded rehab is free. Unfortunately, waiting lists are often long and delay many getting the immediate help necessary to overcome addiction and overdose. Depending on state funding, rehabilitation costs may be free or reduced.

Free rehabilitation programs strive to offer the best quality of care possible. However, because of limited funding, state programs often do not have the resources, trained staff, or many treatment beds available, as compared to their privately owned counterparts.

Which Rehabilitation Treatment Is Right for Me?

Whether you enroll in private or free rehabilitation is a personal decision. The most important factor is that you get help now. The longer substance use disorders remain untreated, the worse the condition becomes. Some physical and psychological conditions are permanent in the absence of professional help. The most practical solution varies from person to person.

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