4 Myths About Teen Substance Abuse Debunked!

Teen substance use is a real and dangerous circumstance. Substance abuse takes place whether or not we accept and acknowledge that it is. It is best to realize the reality and scope of it and work towards helping the teen affected by a substance abuse disorder.  Education is a key to helping, so here are 4 topics about teen substance use and abuse that are incorrect!

1. My Teen’s Substance Use is Just a Phase

The teen years can be complicated to navigate. When a teenager or adolescent is exposed to substance use it can quickly and easily lead to abuse, which is a real, but treatable disorder. Substance abuse is not easy to break free of once it takes hold– it’s a serious matter. Ignoring the symptoms of teen drug and alcohol abuse will not help it go away. Teen drug and alcohol use is a cry for help. They will not outgrow it, and many times they are not able to overcome it on their own. Niznik Health offers treatment for teens dealing with a substance disorder that is specifically tailored to their situation to encourage long-term success in sobriety.

2. All the Kids are Doing It- It’s a Rite of Passage

No, it is not a teen’s right, or their rite of passage. Believe it or not, all of the other kids are not doing it. A well-adjusted teen does not need illicit substances to cope with daily life. A healthy and functioning teen does not need to rely on the escapism of getting drunk or high. Teens exhibiting signs and symptoms of addiction are typically dealing with underlying issues such as unaddressed trauma or a mental health concern.

3. If My Teen Is Going To Do It, I Want Them To Do It In My House

Besides the fact that this is still illegal, this is enabling the negative behavior. By offering your own home as a safe place for a teen to abuse substances, it is undermining the seriousness of substance abuse. This creates an environment that is suitable for other teens to participate in this illegal and very dangerous activity, which you can be legally held accountable for. The best option is to reduce access in the home to illegal substances, alcohol and other items that can be misused.

4. I Work Long Hours- I Can’t Police My Teen All The Time

Being involved in your teen’s life is important for a multitude of reasons. One important reason is that they will feel comfortable to come to you if things go bad. Having open communication with your teen is important for your relationship, especially in the situation where they need to ask for help in a bad situation. Knowing they are comfortable with you and are able to come to you for help without fear of repercussions will be extremely important. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services it is also valuable to have parents present clear limits and consistent enforcement of discipline in combating substance abuse in teens.

Many factors and strategies can help teens stay free of substance abuse. It’s important to have strong positive connections with parents and other family members. At times, teens will succumb to substance use, which may lead quickly to abuse. When the need arises for help, Niznik Behavioral Health offers treatment plans that work for adolescents experiencing this disorder.


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