Recovering Together: Rehab for Couples

Falling in love rarely happens like it does in the movies with cute meetings in a coffee shop. Sometimes we meet the love of our life during the lowest points in our lives- sometimes, they’re right down there with us.

The disease of addiction can create powerful bonds between people who connect through similar life experiences. Falling in love with someone who understands the realities of addiction can feel like finding a soulmate, but conversely addiction can also keep us in toxic and harmful relationships that only serve to enforce the cycle of substance abuse. If you and your partner are experiencing addiction and need help to overcome a substance abuse disorder, you don’t have to take this journey on alone. Recovering as a couple is possible.

The Realities of Couples Rehab

When it comes to couples seeking addiction recovery treatment together, being able to support each other and grow individually and within your relationship is the ultimate goal. Rehab for couples is designed to help realize this goal through individual treatment and couples counseling, helping to build a strong foundation for both parties into the future.

The first step in breaking the cycle of substance abuse is recognizing and acknowledging its roots. Couples rehab for addiction explores these on the personal level through motivational interviewing, behavioral therapy methods, and other trauma-informed treatment methods. By addressing the mental and emotional origins of addiction individually, we can begin to modify negative thought patterns that lead to drug and alcohol abuse. These lessons gained through comprehensive behavioral healthcare benefit all areas of your life, including romantic and family relationships.

Beyond one on one care, couples rehab helps to build and reinforce a supportive, healing bond which can bolster the recovery experience for both you and your partner. Because of shared experiences and mutual goals, recovery as a couple can bring you closer to your partner. By working together toward the same goal, rehab for couples ensures the person closest to you is also your biggest supporter.

When Couples Rehab Isn’t Enough

Effective treatment for couples requires commitment and dedication to the recovery process from everyone involved. We cannot force recovery upon the unwilling, and sometimes being devoted to the recovery process means leaving toxic people and relationships behind. If your partner is resistant to seeking care, discouraging of your recovery efforts, or creating an environment that encourages relapse, it’s okay to walk away. As painful as it may be to end a romantic relationship, knowing your worth and refusing to accept anything less creates opportunities for bigger and better things.

For more information about couples rehab options, feel free to contact Niznik Behavioral Health today!


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