National Kidney Month: Reversal of Kidney Damage

March is National Kidney Month! Our kidneys play vital roles in our health. While their primary function is filtering out toxins, they are also responsible for regulating things like blood pressure and pH. Substance abuse drastically increases the amount of toxins within the body, causing our kidneys to work harder and faster to maintain a healthy state. Its important to recognize both illicit substances and prescription drug abuse can do serious damage to the kidneys and the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis. According to American Addiction Centers, smoking tobacco raises blood pressure which may lead to a kidney disease called albuminuria, in which the naturally-occurring protein albumin is excreted into the urine. According to American Kidney Fund, albuminuria can lead to a build-up of water in the body, causing swelling that may require medical attention. Regular alcohol consumption can also lead to a condition called ketoacidosis, which causes abnormally high amounts of acid in the blood.

People in active addiction are at risk for kidney disease and even kidney failure. Drug abuse can cause an array of ailments in the body, including complications resulting from kidney disease. One study shows people who suffer from substance use disorders are less likely to receive a kidney transplant or be placed on the waiting list if needed. This is often due to continued active use which interferes in optimizing the chances of a successful transplant.

There is still hope. According to the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, the kidney is capable of repairing damaged areas itself. Through detox and sustained sobriety, the body is able to rid itself of excessive toxins and begin to heal. Addiction recovery allows one to overcome the mental and physical aspects of addiction while being cared for in a comfortable environment. Our sub-acute detox programs provide 24 hour clinical support from knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals, ensuring client comfort and safety. Beyond the detox level of care, we provide personalized, evidence-based treatment programs designed with you in mind.

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