Mothers Against Drunk Driving Tie One On for Safety

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Champions Against Drunk Driving

November 16th through December 31st Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) asks supporters to present a MADD red ribbon visibly to champion designated drivers.

That is, the members of MADD are tired of burying their children.

They’re raising awareness about the avoidable tragedies caused by driving under the influence across the nation.

Their battle cry?

Always have a designated driver.

National Drunk Driving Statistics

Mothers Against Drunk Driving started in 1986 to raise awareness about drunk driving. MADD has reappropriated the idiom “tie one on” (which typically means having a drink) and transformed it into a meaningful reminder to prevent drunk driving.

  • Drunk drivers account for 70 percent of fatalities on the road.
  • Drunk drivers account for nearly 30 percent of all vehicle-related fatalities.
  • In 2017 37,133 people died from fatal car accidents.
  • According to the CDC, 29 people perish from drunk drivers every day.

  • 1 Million arrests have been made in 2017 for DUI.
  • 16 percent of DUI charges involve illicit substances other than alcohol.

How You Can Stand Up Against Drunk Driving

Can we rehash an old mantra?

Just say no.

If you’ve had more than two drinks, don’t get behind the wheel.

Call an Uber. Call a Lyft. Call a friend.

Or walk.

It only takes one time to become the instrument of death for yourself or an innocent bystander.

You can check out the official MADD event page here!

Are You Suffering from an Untreated Alcohol Use Disorder?

Untreated alcohol use disorders contribute to the rate of DUIs across the nation.

If you think you may have a problem with alcohol, don’t wait.

Get help now.

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