EarlySense: Using Technology to Ensure Client Safety

The health and safety of all clients across Niznik Behavioral Health’s network of addiction treatment facilities is and always has been our top priority. As a nationwide provider of behavioral health services, we are continuously evaluating and updating our policies and procedures to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of care. This dedication to excellence includes seeking new techniques and technologies to aid us in creating safe and welcoming spaces for those in need. As part of our commitment to comprehensive wellness, Niznik Behavioral Health implements the EarlySense Continuous Monitoring System.

What is EarlySense?

The EarlySense Continuous Monitoring System is a non-invasive, contact-free sensor used to monitor client heart and respiratory rates, quality of sleep, and other vitals for maintaining client well-being. The sensor is housed in a thin, plastic board placed under the mattress with no cords or wire hook ups. Clients are unrestrained and able to move freely and sleep in any position throughout the night.

Information gathered by the EarlySense Continuous Monitoring System is continuously fed to a central monitoring station or other secured devices such as a pager or tablet device. This allows the clinical team to access the necessary information at any time and quickly respond to any problems that may arise.

EarlySense for Addiction Treatment

EarlySense for Addiction Treatment

In the addiction recovery industry, the application of EarlySense Continuous Monitoring technology can be life-saving. Because drugs and alcohol cause detrimental health effects both during both active use and the detox process, close clinical monitoring is crucial to early recovery. While this traditionally entails regular rounds by the nursing team to check on each person, EarlySense adds an additional layer of security.

Brittany Isbell, the Nursing Supervisor at Discovery Point Retreat, explains:

“Our medical team makes regular rounds to check on all the clients: every 15 minutes for detox and every 30 minutes for residential clients. While we are typically able to recognize signs of potential distress during these check-ins, having EarlySense has definitely made providing a high level of quality care easier. It is especially useful during the night shifts, where most clients are in bed and we are able to get instantaneous updates on everyone at once.

We actually had a situation where an anxious client was having some trouble sleeping and was using deep breathing exercises to calm herself and the sensor was able to pick up on that. We were alerted to an abnormal breathing pattern and checked on her and she explained that she’d been attempting to calm herself. So it is definitely accurate and offers a peace of mind to our clients who may be concerned about safety or potential health concerns.”

The EarlySense Continuous Monitoring System also has an additional perk of alerting staff when clients are out of bed for more than a preset amount of time. This helps to mitigate any problematic activity, aiding in maintaining focus on personal healing and recovery.

For more information about EarlySense and our commitment to high quality care, call us today!


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