Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Compassion and dedication drives everything we do at Niznik Behavioral Health. Learn more about who we are below.

At Niznik Behavioral Health we believe everyone deserves a chance to reclaim their lives from addiction. By combining modern medicine with a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment, all of our facilities help our clients achieve long-term sobriety through the highest standards of care.

Niznik Behavioral Health is proud to serve as a beacon of hope and healing in the addiction recovery community. Our dedication to providing the best possible care and support for all of our clients is at the core of everything we do. 

Our Mission

As a public health and safety concern, drug and alcohol abuse has rippling effects that impact families, communities, and the country as a whole. In doing our part to help combat the ongoing substance abuse epidemic, Niznik Behavioral Health aims to transform the lives of thousands of individuals and their loved ones each year. Our purpose is to help create safer, healthier, better lives for each of our clients, their families, and our communities.

That’s why we offer flexible care options to accommodate any schedule, transportation assistance for clients coming from out of state, and an extensive aftercare and alumni support program. We also accept most major insurance policies and offer other means of covering treatment costs such as self-pay or financing so cost is never a barrier to recovery. By removing these three most common roadblocks we help our clients focus on what matters most.

Our Vision

Niznik Behavioral Health is able to bring compassionate, comprehensive addiction treatment services to those who need it. We work with clients from all areas of the country including underserved communities with little to no access to effective addiction treatment. As we continue to grow and expand our reach we do so with a singular mission: to help those in need.

Our Values





Niznik Behavioral Health company values are aligned with our ambitious goals and mission to impart lasting change in our communities and across the United States. They are:

  • Kindness: understanding the challenges of addiction and our clients’ individual experiences helps to drive our client-centered approach to care. Compassion and an earnest desire to help is a vital part of our recovery-focused culture and community.
  • Innovation: one-size-fits-all addiction treatment is ineffective. That’s why Niznik Behavioral Health uses evidence-based therapies and modalities to create individualized treatment plans for each client. On every level we are continuously looking for new and effective ways to help our clients heal and grow through recovery. 
  • Agility: our person-first recovery approach requires the ability to quickly adapt to each person’s ever changing needs. We know this path to sobriety is filled with peaks and valleys and we are fully prepared to walk with you every step of the way.
  • Drive: we are motivated by an earnest desire to help others and improve the lives of everyone we reach. Our drive keeps us going, pushing for greater access to care and challenging stigmas and misinformation. We are proud of what we do and honored to be a part of your recovery journey.

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