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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options in Florida

Florida is leading the fight against the substance abuse epidemic currently plaguing the United States. Drug use and overdose numbers are on the rise, so states including Florida have crafted legislation in order to combat this growing issue. This effort to see numbers decline led to more information and education about drug and alcohol treatment in Florida.

‍Substance abuse treatment is available throughout Florida with options for anyone ages 13 to 65+. Qualified and licensed addiction recovery specialists are available to help those living with addiction gain a life of independence and healing.

Addiction Treatment Options in Florida

The physical and psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol that occurs with substance abuse requires a client-centered approach to care that encompasses mind, body and spirit. Our programs offer a full spectrum of care that doesn't end at completion of one of our programs. We'll walk with you on your journey of recovery from the moment you call us to the time you return home and join our Alumni family. Our caring team of clinical professionals offer you or your loved one the most comprehensive addiction treatment services available whether you are seeking help for the first time or you're looking for alternative solutions to address substance abuse issues.

Our programs include:

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Residential Inpatient Treatment
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Partial Hospitalization Programs
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Intensive Outpatient Programs
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Outpatient Programs
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Aftercare Programs
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Alcohol Treatment in Florida

Finding help for alcoholism can be a struggle. It takes a team of dedicated addiction recovery therapists to safely break the bonds of alcohol addiction. By choosing one of our Florida treatment facilities, clients can take advantage of the groups, therapies, and aftercare options designed to get them back on track. Niznik Behavioral Health provides comprehensive behavioral health services in Florida at our facilities: Harbor Village and Safe Landing Recovery for Teens.

Drug Treatment in Florida

Recovery from substance abuse disorder in Florida is more accessible than ever. With new and innovative treatment solutions available more readily, potential clients are sure to find a program that suits their needs. From stabilization and residential inpatient treatment to outpatient programs and aftercare, our Florida treatment facilities can equip you or your loved one with the tools necessary to live a sober and happy life.

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Florida Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

It’s no secret that Florida is one of the most beautiful states in the nation with weather and beaches that make people want to be outdoors. In one of our PHP programs, patients are able to blend their clinical and therapeutic routine with outdoor activities and fun in the Florida sun. PHP programs offer services comparable to a residential inpatient program, including access to mental health care services, however, they do not necessarily require the person to stay at the program full-time or long-term.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP) in Florida

Completing residential inpatient treatment is a great start toward long-lasting recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, however, the journey doesn’t end there. Our caring team of behavioral health specialists help to create a solid foundation for the future -- teaching stress management skills and beneficial coping mechanisms designed to break the cycle of relapse and substance abuse. However, learning to proactively incorporate these tools into daily life can be a process of trial and error. Undergoing this process with the continued guidance and support of addiction recovery specialists can help to secure one’s ongoing dedication to clean and sober living.

Outpatient Programs (OP) in Florida

A severe addiction to certain substances, such as heroin, oxycodone or alcohol is typically best treated in an inpatient residential program to help manage cravings and withdrawal. However, a substance abuse problem caught in the early phases can often be successfully treated in an outpatient program. Likewise, OP is recommended following inpatient treatment for anyone who wants to solidify their independence in recovery. An outpatient program offers drug and alcohol treatment sessions that can be scheduled during various times throughout the week. This schedule allows patients to continue with their regular responsibilities like a job or school but requires them to check into treatment at their allotted times for counseling and medication. Outpatient programs come in a variety of formats but the general focus is on counseling, education and providing a network of support.

Length of Addiction Treatment in Florida

The length of treatment varies on a case-by-case basis. Treating substance abuse disorder is a complex process that could last years. While it may seem desirable to get through treatment as quickly as possible, research shows that longer stays lead to lower relapse rates. Treatment is unique to each person, and length of stay depends on factors such as the severity of addiction and the rate at which progress is being made. For people with severe drug or alcohol dependencies, such as those that co-occur with mental illness, extended treatment may be needed. A quality treatment center will offer clients a personalized plan to address their specific needs.

Payment Options for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The cost of treatment varies widely depending on the level of care needed. Residential treatment programs offer the highest level of care and are often the most expensive as a result. Outpatient treatment programs may cost less, but may not provide enough support for recovery especially in the beginning or in the case of chronic relapse. Regardless of whether you have health insurance, there are a multitude of options available to help cover treatment costs if you need help determining your financial options.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Florida (AA Meetings)

Alcoholics Anonymous is a group of individuals with a common goal of maintaining sobriety. Members discuss and address the causes of alcohol abuse. These meetings are 100% confidential and members support each other without professional therapists or clinicians. AA is a great way to supplement treatment and keep you on track after you build a strong foundation for your sober journey.

Miami-Dade Intergroup

Where: 4315 NW 7th St. Suite 36
Miami, FL 33126

Tri-County Central Office, Inc

Where: 8019 N Himes Ave.
Tampa, FL 34135

Northeast Florida Intergroup

Where: 3128 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings in Florida (NA Meetings)

Narcotics Anonymous is a group of individuals with a common goal of maintaining sobriety. Members discuss and address the causes of alcohol abuse. These meetings are 100% confidential and members support each other without professional therapists or clinicians. NA is a great way to supplement treatment and keep you on track after you build a strong foundation for your sober journey.

Sober on South Beach

Where: 1718 Bay Rd.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

NA of Central Florida

Where: 4412 Apopka Vineland Dr.
Orlando, FL 32818

Pathway to Recovery

Where: 613 W Ashley St.
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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