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Naples: Local Treatment Guide and Drug Abuse Statistics

If you are a Naples resident and you struggle with substance abuse, you may be concerned that there are not enough nearby resources to help you, since Naples is a small community. However, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for Naples, Florida, provides a list of treatment resources on their website to help reduce drug crimes. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has an online treatment program finder, which you can narrow down by your geographic location, the type of treatment you want, and the type of condition you need help with.

Naples, Florida: Beautiful Coasts and Underlying Substance Abuse Issues

Naples is one of the southernmost small cities in Florida. It is on the western side of the state, with beautiful beachfront on the Gulf of Mexico. South of Fort Myers but north the Everglades National Park, Naples is located in Collier County, and it is perfectly situated to have lovely, warm weather throughout the year. Because of this temperate and visually stunning environment, many retirees have moved to Naples over the years, so currently, the median age is 65.2 years old. There are just shy of 21,000 residents in the town.

Because of the town’s position on the water, Naples is one of the many ports in Florida abused by illicit drug traffickers. When illicit and addictive substances are brought into an area, residents are more likely to be exposed to these drugs, so they are at greater risk of abusing them. With so many older adults in Naples, there are more likely to be potent prescription drugs available in medicine cabinets, which friends or family may steal for nonmedical purposes.

Below is information about substance abuse rates in Naples, Florida. With state guidance, the city is working hard to understand these issues and provide evidence-based treatment.

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Naples, Florida

The Most Abused Drugs in Naples and Collier County, Florida

As of 2016, Florida’s overall drug overdose death rate was 23.7 people out of every 100,000 residents. This is considerably higher than nearby states like Georgia (13.3), Alabama (16.2), and South Carolina (18.1). Although the state has worked hard to overcome drug and alcohol abuse, rates of death involving intoxicating substances remains high. This impacts Naples residents because the risk that they or someone they love may suffer from substance abuse and overdose is higher than in other areas of the United States.

How Collier County Helps Naples Residents Get Treatment

Mental health and substance abuse are closely tied together, so as one way of combating behavioral and mental issues like co-occurring disorders, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for Collier County hosted a meeting in June 2018 to discuss mental health and addiction treatment programs in the area. This included a plan to build a centralized facility to help more people get the kind of evidence-based treatment they need.

Additionally, Florida innovated the drug court program, helping people charged with drug crimes find treatment programs rather than go to jail and suffer withdrawal symptoms or relapse. Collier County’s drug court program may help people in Naples who have been charged with drug-related crimes like possession or DUI get the help they need to get sober and healthy.

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