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Drug and alcohol abuse is an epidemic affecting hundreds of thousands of Americans each day. With overdose now the leading cause of death for people under 50, it’s more important than ever to recognize when substance abuse has become a problem and seek help. Unfortunately, social stigmas, misinformation, and general distrust of the recovery industry leave many people vulnerable to the tragic and potentially fatal consequences of substance abuse.

Don’t let fear cost you your life. Call us today for information about how we can help.

Become a Partner with NBH

Niznik Behavioral Health ("NBH") is dedicated to providing comprehensive addiction treatment. Here at NBH, we understand the grave importance of resolving untreated substance use disorders for clients struggling with dependence on illicit substances and alcohol.

Becoming a Partner with Niznik Behavioral Health means your clients will have instant access to the full spectrum of behavioral health and addiction treatment.

When you team up with NBH you’re securing anew future for your clients. Addiction is a legitimate and treatable disease with the right treatment.

Your job as a case manager is to help guide your clients back to self-sufficiency.

We can help you do that.

Becoming a partner with Niznik Behavioral Health gives your entire client list access to:

Child Protective Services

We understand within child protective services parental substance use and abuse is a prevalent problem.

We can help you help your clients.

Partnering with Niznik Behavioral Health means you’ll have instant access to multiple treatment centers across the country, ready to render aid to parents and adolescents struggling with chronic substance use disorders.

Substance use disorders remain one of the staple cornerstones preventing parents from being the best they can be for their children. While under the influence of mind-altering substances, many parents are immobilized by their own unresolved traumas and create dangerous environments of abuse and neglect for their own children.

We can help you help them.

Mental Health Services

Many with mental health disorders have co-occurring substance use disorders.

We’re no stranger to treating clients with co-occurring disorders. Securing partnership with Niznik Behavioral Health ensures your clients have immediate access to the addiction treatment they need to return to a life of normalcy.

We’ll work with you directly to craft an individualized addiction treatment plan to bolster and support your practice’s treatment.

With Niznik Behavioral Health, we’re better together.

Why Be a Partner

  • National Provider of Treatment Services
  • Client Centered Care You Can Trust
  • Evidence-Based Programs
  • Full Continuum of Care

Contact us now to become a partner with Niznik Behavioral Health!

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